Website Design and Development: Huy Fong Foods, Inc. – Sriracha Hot Sauce


How do you take on a total redesign of one of the most beloved brands in America – a brand that brought us Sriracha, and developed perhaps the sauciest fanbase in the world? How do you develop a new home for a brand that hasn’t had a facelift since the ’80s?


We’ll tell you how, you take chances! Stark, bold, spicy, clean…this design represents Irwindale, California based Huy Fong Foods at its core. Using the WordPress Parallax effect, we guide viewers through a history of Sriracha, their favorite hot sauce, creating a short jump out of a boatload of information. Experience is key, and in here, it’s all about the easy scroll. Efficient, clear cut, refined and down to business with a spicy flair, this is the new face of Sriracha. The new Sriracha website, built in WordPress, launched to the applause of a rabid fanbase in January of 2015.

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