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Sweet and saucy? Deep and poignant? Or perhaps clean and corporate is more up your alley. Whatever your flavor, targeted copywriting with a defined voice will spice up your advertising, website, collateral materials, or any other projects you’ve cooked up that mad marketing mind of yours. Ready to make some real moves? Let’s kick your web presence up a notch with keyword seeded copywriting, setting you up for some major Search Engine Optimization. Time and again, increased web traffic proves the adage: if you write it, they will come.

Corporate Copywriting
Technical Copywriting
Voiceover and Narration Script Copywriting
Creative Copywriting
Advertising Copywriting
Marketing Copywriting
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriting
Keyword Seeded Copywriting
Website Copywriting


Maybe you’re new to the scene, ready and raring to make your mark. Or maybe you’ve long since established yourself as an authority…but it’s time to revitalize your company image with some banging, contemporary design. Branding is exciting: it’s the creation of a new entity born from the essence of your company and all that you endeavor to be. We’re jazzed to develop branding that connects with your soul, reflects your aspirations, and gets you so worked up you consider becoming a sticker vandal just to get your beloved logo out there into the world. Great branding speaks to your business on a variety of levels; we’re ready to get talking.

Full Branding Development
Re-Design of Existing Branding
Custom Logo Design
Logo Touch-Ups
Stationary Design
Business Card Design
Brochure and Direct Mail Design
Collateral Material Design


No, it’s not an obscure 80s arcade game – Drupal is known globally as the most powerful Content Management System available. Drupal provides the big guns, the web solution for brands requiring a lot of functionality with almost endless flexibility. While a lot of websites just deliver information like a one trick pony, Drupal is the full circus. Offering over 14,000 modules and counting, Drupal will help you build blogs, forums, intranets, calendars, multi-tiered user roles, workflows…the list is massive. If you can dream it, Drupal can deliver it – and you best believe we can corral even the mighty Drupal. We don’t just build them from the ground up, we salvage existing projects too. You might need a team to pass the development baton to, execute Drupal updates, or even consult with your current Drupal developer in the exclusive language of code…just to make sure you’re getting what you want. We’ve done it all and we’ll do it for you, all you have to do is ask.

Drupal Consulting
Drupal E-Commerce
Drupal Theming
Drupal Website Design
Drupal Development Planning
Information Architecture
Module Customization
Website Administration
Content Strategy
Content Database Import, Export & Migration
Content Migration
Onsite Drupal Training
Drupal Security Updates
Drupal Design Updates


WordPress is the sweet and simple answer to your burning business question: how do I break into the web? Visually clean, completely customizable, and chock full of rich features, WordPress is the perfect foundation for your unique web presence, including your responsive mobile website. Whether you need a few simple pages built with copy and photos. or more in-depth content development filled out with photo galleries, contact forms and more, the inherently Search Engine friendly WordPress is the backbone of it all. To top it all off, once your WordPress website is built, editing or adding new content to the site is easy – really. We can teach you how to manage your own website content – and if that doesn’t sell it, you’re plum crazy.

WordPress Consulting
WordPress E-Commerce
WordPress Theming
WordPress Website Design
WordPress Development Planning
Information Architecture
Module Customization
Website Administration
Content Strategy
Content Database Import, Export & Migration
Content Migration
Onsite WordPress Training
WordPress Security Updates
WordPress Design Updates


Why choose the Dogs for your video project in the land of Hollywood starlets and art house directors? You choose the Dogs because when we offer a service we offer it to the fullest extent possible; along with all the other snazzy skills we offer, we’re a creative agency and small production studio all-in-one. In simple terms, that means we’ll work through your business, understanding the ins and outs of your products and services. Next, we’ll start developing the video concept, the main idea that will really bring the essence of your business to life. Then, after all that thinking is done, we will actually execute the video project – from the shooting, to the editing, to the final render. That’s right, we do it all.

Tossing us your video project means we handle every aspect of its creation from start to finish, in-house, on time, and with all the bells and whistles you’re looking for in your pièce de résistance. Tell us what you’re looking for – or maybe you don’t know yet! Don’t worry, we can get it together – and we’ll figure out the logistics, back it up with a fully defined storyboard, write the script, snag the VO artist and actors, shoot the scenes on location or in-studio, edit the footage, create the 3D graphics, smooth it all out with some sound mixing and, what’s that? You’ve got yourself a brand new piece of motion advertising ready for any screen you decide to blast it on. Think we can’t make your business look like a rockstar? Try us on, we’ll get your reel rolling.

Video Storyboarding
Video Logistics
Video Footage
Video Production
Video Editing
Video Copywriting
Voice Over
3D Graphics
Corporate Videos
Brand Videos
Training Videos
Commercial Editing
Product Videos
Services Videos
On-Location Filming
In-Studio Filming
Trade Show Videos
Time-lapse Video


If the ink is running dry on your traditional advertising it’s time to jump into the social mix and get going with some targeted, multi-platform chatter. Relying only on tried, true, and rusted forms of advertising gets you just as far as a one-sided conversation – no push back. Social marketing gives you the grand opportunity to talk to your customers on their level, on their time, and – if crafted correctly – in a personal way that can cultivate a layer of brand familiarity without constantly serving your product up on a platter, ad nauseaum. Social marketing is a subtle process of building trust in your consumer, discovering what they respond to, and offering up content to increase engagement and develop a conversation. Social management helps the content and conversation spread onward and upward, reaching new audiences you never would have had access to otherwise.

We’ve done the social song and dance for stone-age execs and net-phobes who didn’t know a like from a pin, so we’re prepared to set up a social speed-dating session with you, and get down to what platforms will partner well with your business angle – and which you shouldn’t give a second chance. Beyond all that, we’ll set you up with your social accounts, shine you up with an enticing design, and even take it further with full social campaigns, contests, advertising, weekly content and more, all developed to get your fan base up and humming along. With social marketing, you get what you give – give us a call and we’ll turn your audience into social butterflies.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Contests
Social Media Campaigns
Social Media Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Social Media Strategy Development
Facebook Advertising
Facebook Management
Facebook Design
Twitter Management
Twitter Campaigns
Twitter Design
Pinterest Management
Pinterest Campaigns
YouTube Design
Community Monitoring


To tell you the truth, when you’ve already figured out a way to make nuts and bolts look hot there really isn’t any subject matter that puts you off your photographic rocker. We know photography can push and pull the edges of reality to turn the ho-hum into the true sizzle on the steak, transforming the first glance into something that makes your audience take a closer look. That closer look could be the difference between a bounce and sale, and we’re here to make sure you’ve got your business on the best aesthetic pedestal – no matter how big or small. We’re fully stocked on equipment, gigabytes, and experience – and we’re even ready to pack it all up and haul it to your location if our studio doesn’t pan out for you. As always, it’s a full service deal, so we’re down to snap the day away and finish it up desk-side with a healthy caress of photoshop to get everything looking square and out the door. Ready for some exposure? We’ve got our finger on the trigger.

Product Photography
On-Location Photography
In-Studio Photography
Model Photography
Headshot Photography
Architecture Photography
Interior Design Photography
Digital Photography
Large Format Photography
Macro Product Photography
Photoshop Editing
Photo Retouching
Photoshop Manipulation


Undoubtably the hardest working salesman to enter your workforce, your eCommerce website will have the capacity to move more product without you ever lifting a finger. Besides suiting you up with a top-of-the-line design, we can integrate the best shopping card solution to grow your business online, whether you’re selling one-off handmade stuffed animals or you have 100 warehouses across the country stocked to the brim with frozen peas. Once we learn your business, we can take your site to the next level and find your unique marketing angle, developing the structure of your eCommerce site to appeal to your customers and the way they want to shop for your product – because you just don’t shop for wiper blades like you shop for mascara. You’ll get a scalable solution that will grow when you grow, and it will be flexible to boot, so you’ll never be without options. When you’re trying to make money, don’t let the web stand in your way – build your website to work for you every day, all day, in the best possible way. If you’re poised to move some product we’ve got our hand on the lever to take it up and away.

Custom eCommerce Websites
eCommerce Design
eCommerce Architecture
eCommerce Shopping Carts
Paypal Functionality


Who would turn down an opportunity to design the look of the future? We get stoked off the idea of creating the look and feel of your latest device – what’s the texture of the buttons? Is the finish shiny or matte? What kind of interactions can be done with the screen? We’re all over any aspect of taking an idea from conception, to 3D design, and seeing the logistics through until it’s handed off for production. While gadgets get us going, we also dig in to designing places to sit or work that are out of this world. The prospect of learning about your product gets us out of bed in the morning, keen to figure out what makes it tick…and how we can make it sing in the hands of your customers. The tactile experience of a product can light a fire until your audience, make them fall in love with your business again or for the first time, and open up doors for your product line like never before. We’re a hands on sort of group, give us a call and we’ll give you a hand up and get your product into open arms.

Industrial Design
User Experience
User Interface
3D Design
Product Design
Ergonomic Design
Electric Image
Models and Prototypes
Furniture Design
Interior Design
Architecture Design