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Internet Marketing

The world market today is driven by online purchases. Currently, one in six people in the world have internet access, and 50% of those 1,000,000,000 people shop online. The number of people who gain internet access is exponentially growing everyday — shouldn’t you be there to capitalize on their product and service shopping?

Internet Marketing Services

We at Dogs of Design Studios have had increasing success with Internet Marketing campaigns for small business and large business alike – both in Los Angeles and around the country. We are successful because we put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer and approach each of our campaigns in this way.

Search Engine Marketing

Our SEM campaigns consist mainly of PPC monthly campaigns and increasing landing page conversion. A monthly budget for purchasing clicks is usually required, and as a result it is easy to prove profit per click statistically.

Search Engine Optimization

We take pride in the success and cost effectiveness of the SEO campaigns we maintain. While SEO takes a larger initial investment, SEO is well known within the industry to be 45 times cheaper than SEM, and 8 times as effective in terms of return on investment. If you want to make sure your website is working for you, Search Engine Optimization is essential in bringing qualified leads to your web space.


Use the link below to read more about our specialized services, and as always, contact us if you want to start a conversation.