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Art Direction

Trained eyes can make or break the success of an advertising campaign, or even a company’s corporate image. The professionalism offered to customers by your company’s advertisements will bespeak the quality of your product.

If you want your project or advertisement to look professional, you’ll need the help of a trained eye to dial in the details on your presentation to the consumer market.

Applications of Art Direction

  • Improving effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Improving professional image in corporate identity
  • Effectively implementing marketing directives


Knowing when to use the correct media forms is integral to the effectiveness of any media art project. While photography may be better when a more realistic approach is desired, illustration is more effective for projects that are open to interpretation or are conceptual in nature. The effectiveness of these projects will be increased many folds by intelligent choices made by our experienced art directors at Dogs of Design.

Whether its marketing, website design, photography, or more—we have the experience and creative vision to make your art direction a success.


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