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Trade Show Booth Design

Dogs of Design has a lifetime of experience in Trade Show Booth Design. We understand that when your company is out on the trade show floor, you have only but a few seconds to catch a passerby’s attention. The Dogs of Design are extremely successful when it comes to both branding your booth, and helping you stand out in a heavily packed crowd.

Trade Show Booth Design: Focus Points

When your company is at a trade show, you have a limited amount of time to catch the attention of passersby. Knowing that, the Dogs of Design maintain heavy focus on these points when designing trade show booths:

– Strong Brand Identity Presence — Your brand name should be what people remember at the end of the day, not just your product
– Reads Easily from a Distance — Your booth should be easily read from across the room
– Stands Out but is not “Loud” — Standing out is great as long as it supports your brand identity presence on the floor, but there is a fine line of gaudiness that should not be crossed

Los Angeles Trade Show Booth Designs

The Dogs of Design have had multiple large clients over the years, and we take pride in all of our designs. Here are some of the clients with which we have had major Trade Show Booth Designs debut in Los Angeles:

MotoArt — “Flight Simulator X with Microsoft”
Spyker — “Spyker LA Car Show”
Microsoft — “Flight Simulator X with Microsoft”
DENSO AutoParts
DKS Doorking
Fabtech Motorsports
Olympic 4×4 Products

Use the link below to read more about our specialized services, and as always, contact us if you want to start a conversation.