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Industrial Design

Your product should have presence within a room, and at Dogs of Design Studios we make sure of that. The industrial design of your product has the ability to raise it up above the competition. At Dogs of Design Studios we focus on three main areas to ensure that your product has a soul of its own; aesthetics, usability, and durability. Our proven history shows why we are the best in Los Angeles at creating industrial design pieces to produce professional and seamless products.

When developing the look of the industrial design aesthetics of your product, we address these questions:

Industrial Design Aesthetics

– Should the product draw attention when in use or should it blend in to the surroundings?
– Should the product give off a feeling of excitement or tranquility?
– Is it easy to spot your product among a row of your competitors? Is the eye drawn to it?
– What is the eye drawn to on the product?
– Does the product stand out from the competition?
– Does viewing the product cause physical pain?

Industrial Design Usability

– Your product interface should be intuitively usable by your customers.
– Your customers should not have a difficult time learning to use your product. No one reads the full manual before driving a car off of the lot – your customers won’t want to read your manual either.
– The industrial design of your product should ensure ease of use and general satisfaction on the first try. No one will accept a reinvention of the wheel if it’s square, customers just don’t roll like that.

Industrial Design Durability

– Does the design of your product support extended use or short term use?
– Will the labels endure high wear when your product is meant for years of use?
– How does the design of the product support the usage wear that it will most likely undergo?

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