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Logo Design & Brand Identity

Your logo is the icon of your company’s identity. It’s important that your logo design conveys to the customer an image of polished professionalism, and instantly promotes the individuality of your company’s brand identity.

At Dogs of Design we have designed thousands of logos – many of which have never seen the public eye. That’s because we believe that it’s important to offer a variety of different logo design options to our clients.

Logo Design is an intricate and detailed process, which involves listening to our clients, getting to know their objectives, and interpreting their style.

Once we’ve developed a cohesive understanding of the client’s vision, it’s time to delve into extensive brand research. This enables us to better understand what it is that sets our client apart from their competition.

From there, our design team creates several logo design options for our clients to choose from.

Ultimately, the logos we create evolve into visual metaphors that will speak to and impress the desired audience.


Brand Identity Importance

Branding builds, defines and capitalizes on a company’s reputation. A professional brand identity quantifies the standards a company holds itself up to. It’s the neon sign that points out market positioning. Above all, successful branding provides a perceived guarantee of a company’s superior products, or services.

Brand identity reverberates through every form of media it is presented in. This includes logo, tag-line, collateral materials such as brochures and stationery, and package design. Your brand identity has the broadest reach, when it comes through web content, design and viral marketing — it will always be how customers remember you.


Collateral Design

From the design, concept, and layout of your business card – to the presentation of the letterhead in your business letters… these are peripheral opportunities to effectively communicate the focus and consistency of Brand Identity.


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