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Effective marketing is about creating opportunities.

Well before you hire Dogs of Design Studios, our team is invested in providing the highest return on investment for your company. With a wide range of marketing professionals, we have the depth and the experience to manage any marketing campaign to success.

At the Studio, it’s our basic methodology to conduct a competitive analysis and identify challenges as well as industry trends. From there, we develop and implement strategies which present the most opportunities to connect with the desired markets.

Connecting with your market in this era of Cautious Consumerism is more challenging than ever. The rise of social media markets indicates that companies of all sizes need to focus on relating to their targeted markets on a more personal level.


Brand Research and Messaging in Marketing

Branding is the consistent message that differentiates you from your competition, and Marketing is the targeted means by which it’s delivered. For the past 25+ years, Dogs of Design Studios has built a solid reputation for incorporating the most effective brand building tactics while ensuring the appropriate message reaches our clients’ markets in the most compelling way, across all media platforms.


Online Marketing

Our comprehensive approach to online marketing is part of a quantifiable process, which ultimately leads to developing a framework for stronger marketing initiatives, more precise user engagement, and higher conversion rates.


Current Digital Marketing Practices Analysis

At Dogs of Design Studios, we go through an in-depth audit of what your organization is currently doing, and/or not doing, in terms of digital business and marketing communications. In order to properly quantify ROI, we strive to benchmark your marketing investments.


Internal SEO and Tool Development

We conduct keyword research and come up with thousands of keywords to expose your business on top of search engine listings. This is all part of account set up, development, tracking, and analysis of search marketing campaigns. We also provide in–house website analytics services and educational consulting for large businesses and corporations.


External SEO

Once a website is technically optimized, we start working towards link building. This process includes directory submission, editorial submission, creating press releases and taking full advantage of all available social media such as blogging and viral marketing. The goal is to maximize visibility within the online community so that search engines can tell how important your site is and determine your content’s relevance to other information.


Beyond the digital world

Dogs of Design Studios can implement a comprehensive marketing program, which fully integrates print media, as well as digital media to ensure optimum results. This includes:

– Printed Collateral Materials
– Package Design
– Sales and Training tools
– Event Promotions
– Trade Show Displays


Track, Measure and Adjust your Marketing

To ensure maximum ROI, Dogs of Design Studios rigorously analyzes the results of the campaign against established goals, and continually fine-tunes methodologies to leverage brand positioning to your advantage.


Use the link below to read more about our specialized services, and as always, contact us if you want to start a conversation.