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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing – SEM
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consists of direct marketing campaigns designed towards targeted markets. Banner Ads and Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising are the main forms of advertising in the Search Engine Marketing world. At Dogs of Design Studios, we have all of the necessary tools for you to better target and attract the business of qualified potential customers. Since SEM is a form of direct paid advertising, our goal is to optimize the marketing approach to ensure the maximum number of potential customers are driven to your site, and successfully capitalized on as customers.

Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click is an elaborate bidding system that allows Search Engine Marketers to bid on specific key phrases to ensure that their listing shows up under the sponsored results off to the right on the Google Search Engine Results Pages. It is qualitatively similar to placing an ad in a magazine because it advertises towards a group of people who are searching for terms that describe your products or services.

The goal is to attract interested searchers and convert them to customers and capitalize on them. Dogs of Design Studios focuses on converting the strongest markets for your products and services into customers by means of composed visual aesthetics and visually appealing, tailored calls to action.


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