Website Development: Jouer Cosmetics


Our Drupal projects don’t always start right from the beginning – sometimes we jump in midway through in order to see the project to completion. Los Angeles based cosmetic company Jouer was knee-deep in their complete website overhaul – not only were they getting a website design facelift, but an entirely new navigational hierarchy, as well as a big shift into the Drupal Content Management System to support their e-Commerce sales. The project manager at Jouer had been working closely with another web development agency, but required a Drupal Consultant to translate the tech jargon, correctly convey the specifics of new projects between Jouer and the agency, as well as vet newly proposed budgets. Our Drupal Consultation provided a jump start to a stagnant project, and continued through after launch to tie up a variety of loose ends and ensure the required Drupal modules and website functionality were in place. We continued on after the launch of the new cosmetics website in the capacity of Drupal Consultant as well as Drupal Developer, assisting in the development of new website functionality, as well as developing and training on functions such as promotional code setup, blog production, email marketing production, and more.

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